Commercial Plastic Lumber Overview

Plastic Lumber Products

Our plastic lumber is made utilizing high density polyethylene (HDPE), the same type of plastic used to make your milk jugs and detergent bottles! Our manufacturing process utilizes recycled content which helps stop plastic from entering our landfills and helps reduce deforestation, as we use no wood in our plastic lumber.

You will never need to sand, stain, paint, or waterproof your plastic lumber. Installation is easy and requires no special tools. The material cuts, routers, planes, screws and nails with the tools you already have. Because we use a closed molecular formula with no organic material to produce BearBoard, nothing can adhere to our products making it resilient to permanent stains. Plus, our product is easily cleaned with regular cleaning products or pressure washing.

We guarantee that our materials will last for years—a promise that is backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Features of Our Plastic Lumber