48 x 48 Heavy Duty Pallets

40 x 48 Pallet For Shipping

Product Description

Stackable and reusable 48 x 48  pallet perfect for warehousing, processing, and manufacturing environments. This pallet is made with a proprietary mineral added, recycled HDPE material that will not rot, crack, splinter, scuff, or stain.

Our heavy duty 48 x 48 pallet is five times stronger than traditional wood, rated above 4,500 static load, and meets all international shipping standards. 

This type of plastic pallet is the leading choice for many agricultural industries and food producers because unlike traditional a traditional treated wood pallet, it is impervious to insects and mold and mildew free. 

48 x 48 Pallet Specs

Pallet Features

Not Your Average 48 x 48 Wood Pallet

Picture of a man cutting lumber

BearBoard lumber is committed to manufacturing the highest quality plastic lumber products, all covered by warranty.

Pallets in a Warehouse

Unlike traditional wood pallets, our 48 x 48 pallets are perfect for freight because they will not rot, peel, crack, or splinter. 

HDPE Pallets that are impervious to moisture

Thanks to its closed molecular formula that is impenetrable to organic organisms and water, Bearboard’s pallets are waterproof.

Zoomed in picture of a wood pallet with mildew

Because no organic fills are used, there is nothing for mold or mildew to adhere to and nothing for water to decompose.

Benefits of Our Plastic Pallets